Monday, May 2, 2011

America's Past Time

Yesterday was my first Dodger game and although I'm no stranger to baseball, I did find baseball in Los Angeles strange. Below are some of the surprises, disappointments and oddities that I encountered at Dodger Stadium.

Sticker Shock (if we had actually paid)
Price of Tickets = $240 ($120 a piece, the seats were awesome)
Price of Parking = $35
Price of Dodger Dog = $5 (more on that later)
Price of Beer = $10
Price of Soda = $3.75 (small)
XL Dodger T-shirt = Free (it was t-shirt day)

How Frank McCourt can't turn a profit with these prices is shocking but it does explain the low attendance.

Maybe "Free Hat Day" next time

Biggest Disappointment
The Dodger Dog: I thought it would either be more hot dog-y or less bun-y

Hello, $5 disappointment

2nd Biggest Disappointment
In the 2nd inning, Brock discovered that it is very hard to text while wearing a foam finger.

Brock = #1 Texter

3rd Biggest Disappointment
By the 4th inning, Brock discovered it was impossible to text while wearing 2 foam fingers but not impossible to tell who was #1.

Most Disturbing Show of Dodger Spirit

When a Dodger T-Shirt and Hat aren't enough...

Biggest Surprise
I have had friends tell me this but I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. America's past time is not baseball in Los Angeles, it is going to baseball games and hitting a beach ball around. At any given time there are 50 beach balls all over the stadium being batted around by an overly excited crowd and 1 unwatched baseball game.

The most impressive athlete I saw at the game was the Dodger employee working our section who was responsible for confiscating the beach balls. Don't let his size (short and stocky) or his age (50's) fool you, this guy had the speed of Carl Lewis, the jumping ability of Michael Jordan, and the stamina of a marathon runner. He took no prisoners in Section 15. I'm almost positive I heard him whisper to the beach ball he intercepted, "Welcome to Thunderdome".

To the left of the cop, the "Beach Ball Bandit"...stalking his prey

Thank you, Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger fans, for a fun filled afternoon!

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  1. When I was a kid I thought all hotdogs were called Dodger dogs. LA, you are a city of lies.