Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Party's Over

Monday night we had a Graduation party for Brock. Here is how it went.

Number of party guests

Average age of party goers
(this makes the rest more ridiculous)

How fast can 38 people eat 45 hamburgers and 12 hot dogs

Best item a party guest brought
2, 4' speakers

Number of times Thunderstruck by AC/DC was played

Number of times the cops came

Number of jello shots needed for a party of 38

Hello, College, I have missed you

Number of pissed off neighbors
All - 2 that were invited = A lot

Fine for a 3rd visit from the cops

How old is too old for a keg stand
(actual age undetermined)

No comment

Time I went to bed

Time party ended

Number of holes I found in the wall the next morning

The excuse was that this a result of a "hug gone wrong"

But it looks suprising similiar to this. See post Eye of the Tiger

Time the last party guest left
11am Tuesday

In other words, we had a blast!

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