Monday, May 23, 2011

It's A Party!

Tomorrow Brock graduates from college. Tonight we party. Always one to protect myself legally, there are a few rules for tonights' party. The waiver below will be posted on our front door and by entering into our house you have hereby entered into a legally binding contract. Failure to head advice may result in early dismissal from the party.


Please be advised that Management (Me) is not responsible for the actions of one Brock Livingston after 9pm or 4 Jack & Cokes, which ever comes first. ***

These actions include but are not limited to:
Excessive Hugging
Reckless Dancing
Singing Journey Songs (loudly)
Aggressive High-Fiving

Safety First! Stretch before High-Fiving Brock.

Also be advised to avoid the following conversations:
The Dallas Cowboys
Danica Patrick
Ugg Boots
Arguing that Thunderstruck by AC/DC isn’t the greatest song ever made
 Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder

Isn't that Joe Gibbs?

Furthermore, avoid engaging Brock in the following activities:
A Dance Off
A Text Off
Staring Contest
A Shoot Off (Lacrosse)
A Sing Off
Beer Chugging

Stare down!

***If for some reason you find yourself in any one of the above situations, the safe word is “BANANA”

In other words, party at your own risk!

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