Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't Stop Believing: Prom Part II

Prom...producing awkward moments for the last 100 years.

3 Weeks Earlier......

Brock: I have to tell you something but I don't want you to be mad.
Me: I won't be mad...
Brock: Are you sure?
Me:....yeah, pretty sure...
Brock: I can't take you to the prom, something about school liability....
Me: (quickly and relieved) Oh, thats ok....
Brock: (concerned) Don't be disappointed
Me: (quicker) oh, I'm not
Brock:  Well, it won't be the same without you....Are you sure you're not seem mad...

Stop! Play Prom Music


 Prom 2011 

Brock took a co-worker: Football Coach, Campus Ministry Teacher,  Redhead

What They Wore
The both wore blue pin striped suits, they looked adorable.

They did not exchange flowers but Brock stepped on gum on his way and I think his buddy sat on a cupcake.

Pre Prom Dinner
Chipotle's.  I envisioned them wiping salsa off each others chin in a dimly lit booth in the back of the restaurant. Brock had a burrito and big Coke.

Meeting all your pre-prom needs

Brock claims to have recognized about 75% of the songs which leads me to believe their music selection consisted of 75% AC/DC and Journey.

Me: What did the kids wear? Dresses and Tuxes?
Brock: The girls didn't wear normal (air quotes) prom dresses
Me: Did you just air quote prom dresses?..... What do mean not normal?
Brock: I was hoping you wouldn't notice.....I mean they weren't long puffy flowing gowns, they were short and some were racey
Me: Ok, Grandpa

Hello, 1986, how ya doin?
Me: Did you dance? (dreading the answer)
Brock: Well, yes but only because they asked me to.....
Me: Who asked you to?
Brock: My....uh..... players?
Me: What did you dance to?
Brock: A Journey Remix... but only for a  minute...
Me: That doesn't make it right.....

For those of you have attended a party or a wedding with us and/or have seen video of Brock dancing there is NO way he was out there for only a minute.

And the beat goes on.......

Would he chaperone again?
Brock: Yeah, it was pretty awesome

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