Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Always a Bridesmaid

 I finally got around to seeing Bridesmaids.  I can bore you with my somewhat pedestrian review of the movie but I'm sure you don't care that I thought opening sex scene was too easy and obvious and goes on about 3 minutes too long for my taste. I'm sure you already know that the funny parts of the movie were laugh out loud funny and that the slow parts (about 25% of the movie) were painfully slow. I'm sure you have read that Melissa McCarthy stole every scene she was in and is this summers break out star. I doubt you care that I would have rather had Amy Poehler play the bride than Maya Rudolph as I have never found Rudolph very funny.

I think what you really want is to see pictures of me in bridesmaids dresses at various weddings.

Up until now this blog has really only served 1 purpose and that is to embarrass myself through stories and pictures. What about Brock, you say? I'm sure as soon as he figures out I have a blog there is a 20% chance that he too will be embarrassed. But today I will embarrass many of you who have made the mistake of asking me to be in your wedding or been in a wedding with me. Now walk with me if you will down memory lane and enjoy!

High school friends, Dave and Suzanne. This could have easily been in my post about bangs.

Childhood friend, Michelle, 2 minutes before I pulled a hammy from that high kick

Fellow bridesmaid and college friend, Steph in our friends wedding. This was the weekend that OJ Simpson was arrested.

My sister's wedding. My look is a little creepy. Her hair took 2.5 hours.

My friend Mary at her Las Vegas wedding. We are waiting down by valet to see if our tans are arriving.

My college friend's Baltimore wedding. Drink of the night: Jolly Rancher shooters.

Brother's Iowa wedding, not yet embarrassed about my hairstyle in this one...give me time.

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