Friday, June 3, 2011

Smell Ya Later!

Ground Breakers!

I have only seen about 7 minute of the Khloe and Lamar Show and in that 7 minutes it showed them picking out perfume bottles for their new unisex scent, Unbreakable. I was not aware that couples are coming up with their own perfume. Brock and I do not want to miss this trend. Who knows how long before we are the next "It Couple" and/or "Reality Star". I want to be ready when we get the call. So after noodling on this for a day, here are the 3 scents I have come up with that best embody us as a couple.

Broc-lie, Eau de Parfum
Inspiration: Brangelina, Bennifer, Klomar
Top Note: Sunscreen & Protein Powder
Middle Note: Moisturizer & Lacrosse Stick
Base: Sweet Corn & Gatorade
Bottle: Broccoli Shaped (Crystal)
Slogan: Fancy Meets Not So Fancy

One sexy scent!

Punch Body Mist
Inspiration: Various holes in the wall
Top Note: Drywall & Deer Musk
Middle Note: Spackle & Jack Daniels
Base: Rage & Gardenias
Bottle: Clenched Fist (Tempered Glass)
Slogan: Like a Punch in the Face, Literally

Smells Spackle-y!

Unwieldy, Eau de Toilette
Inspiration: Khloe and Lamar's Unbreakable
Top Note: Pale Skin and Freckles
Middle Note: Green Ice Tea and Lavender
Base: Bicep Curls
Bottle: Dumbbell Shaped (Recycled Glass)
Slogan: (whispered in a sexy voice) Unwieldy, Meaning Cumbersome

Yes, freckles are as beautiful as they smell.

Can someone get Calvin Klein on the phone?

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