Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Living With Pale

With a 3 day weekend around the corner, I imagine many of you are going to spend time outside enjoying the holiday with friends and family. To make your time spent outside even more pleasurable here are few of my summer time essentials.

To say that I am fair complected is an insult to those that are fair complected. No matter what your complexion is, sunblock is important in keeping those harmful and aging rays off your body. My SPF of choice is 100+. Most people are shocked to learn that SPF goes that high. I am always on the look out for a higher SPF. A week ago when I was in my local drugstore I asked the lady at the counter if she carried anything higher than SPF 100+. She looked at me and dead panned, "Yes, as a matter of fact we do. They are called coats." Which brings me to my next item.....

Yes, they really do make it.

Beach Cover-Ups
I love the beach. No better way to enjoy the sun and sand than in a high neck, long sleeve, full length cover-up. This is also a great way to enjoy that third hot dog or 4th beer.

Don't forget about your hair and scalp in the sun. That is why I always make sure to have my wide brimmed hat on at all times. Hats that work well include, Sombrero, Urban Sombrero, Umbrella Hats, and the under-used Little House on the Prairie Bonnets.

Will some rapper please bring back this look?

A Pale Friend
A long time ago I gave up looking tan. Now I just try not to look like the palest person in the room. You can achieve this look by having a friend that is actually more pale than you. But where to find these pale people? First start with your family, chances are if you are pale you have a sibling that is also pale. As luck would have it, I do. If that doesn't work, check your current friends. You may be too late as you may have already been befriended by people who are trying to do the same thing you are. No luck, check your pet. Does he/she have nice white furry coat? Finally, and really only as a last resort will you want to look for objects to always "accidentally" have around your exposed skin. Although, I am pale I am a lot more tan than say a white piece of copy paper ("just heading to Kinko's!"), cotton balls ("oh, these? Just holding them for a friend"), and Alfredo sauce ("hey, has anyone seen my fettuccine?").

Hey, Bestie!

Now you go bundle up, put on your bonnet, lather on the sunscreen, grab a friend/object and enjoy the 20 minutes of direct sunlight the professionals recommend!

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