Friday, June 24, 2011

4 Ways to Look Fabulous

Being all fashion-y!

A fashion blogger I am not. A fashionista, well, guilty.
Pro-pack, yes, yes and YES! What better accessory to show the versatility of than the beloved fanny pack. I know several of you are still on the fence about this $8.00 purchase but I am confident after seeing the many looks that can be created you will be inspired. Herewith, are my 4 Fanny Pack Looks.

A Trip to Costco
What better way to add ease your Costco's shopping trip than a fanny pack! This hands free purse allows you the flexibility to run your cart into the back of fellow shoppers calves while fighting your way through the free sample line and look stylish doing so! Executive Membership not needed to look this good!

Shirt: Target
Flip Flops: J Crew
Cargo Pants: J Crew

A Trip to the Gym
Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Speaking of hands...wouldn't it be great to have both hands free at the gym . Whether you are wiping someone else sweat off a stair climber, checking out your abs in the mirror or running and talking on your cell, everything is better with the use of both hands. Let your fanny pack do the hard work of holding your cell phone (ringer on "high" please, you are at the gym!), your ear buds, your cigarettes, or your change of clothes while you focus on being awesome!

Shirt: Target
Exercise Pants: Nike
Shoes: Nike

Walking Your Dog
Walking your dog is great exercise! But lets face it, your dog is also your cutest accessory. Therefore, don't take attention away from that. Let your dog wear the fanny pack!  Dogs in general are under-accessorized.

Dog: Lab

Day Wedding
Sometimes the best way to wear a fanny pack is not wear one at all. The day wedding is one of those places. Your fanny pack looks best at home in the closet while you enjoy your afternoon out.

Dress: Target
Shoes: JCrew
Watch: Burberry
Charm Bracelet: Vintage

The fanny pack gets two thumbs up from this blogger, because I can!

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