Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Us Weekly

Dear Us Weekly,

A few things you should know about me. 1) I subscribe to your magazine 2) I enjoy all  most things celebrity and 3) I have a fair amount of free time. With that being said, there is not much I don't want to know about Jennifer Aniston, Madonna & George Clooney. I do however realize with the popularity of Reality TV that the lines have been blurred and boundaries grayed with who is actually a "celebrity". As far as that goes, I just politely cruise past your articles on the Kardashians, I turn the page ever so delicately past the review of the new Paris Hilton Show, and have refrained from judgement as you have put the "Teen Mom"/"Pregnant at 16" stars on your cover too many times for me to count but not enough times for me to cancel my subscription (although you are getting close). But I am starting to take issue with your coverage of Pippa Middleton.

I care

I love royalty. I love seeing what they wear. I love seeing how they live. I love seeing how they are "just like us". I agree that Pippa Middleton was stunning at the royal wedding, everything about her was perfect. She is the 2nd most beautiful bridesmaid I have laid eyes on. She seems to be a lovely person who as luck would have it, have a sister who married a prince but however, is NOT ROYALTY. You would think the story would end there. But you, Us Weekly, are trying to make us care about everything she does. You are trying to make us obsessed with someone who's only claim to fame is looking good in a designer dress and having a famous sister. I take umbrage with this. I can't, I won't care!


I can't care about "Pippa's Royal Street Style" ,

Street Style? Really?

Oh, England  you and your fancy "Street Style"

I don't care  how fast she ran the 1/2 marathon,

I guess she is "just like us"

I don't care "Which Star Should Pippa Date", as you ask me to chose between Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, and Bradly Cooper.

I voted for Jake Gyllenhaal....twice...but that is not the point.

And now you want to me to believe that she and Prince Harry are maybe, just possibly involved......

WHAT! She is maybe, kind of, sort of dating Prince Harry....I need details and 100% more coverage of this budding romance. STAT!

Yours Truly,

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