Saturday, May 21, 2011

Edward Scissorhands

I have been going to my hair stylist for about 4 years and have always enjoyed her goth-y, sci-fi, quirky personality. Yesterday, however, the differences between her and I seemed be greater than normal and at several points in the conversation I didn't know what or how to respond.

Not actual Hair Stylist
Awkward Moments in the Conversation

"I went to the Zombie Walk last week downtown. Did you know they now make fake blood that you can put in your mouth? I think it's non-toxic."

"A couple weeks ago I went to the desert for an apocalyptic event that was sponsored by an artist. I wore a long satin black robe type gown, ruined it with all the sand."

"I have a busy weekend coming up. First the Renaissance Fair then Magic Mountain."

"I rented a French movie for a dinner party I had last night but the sex scenes were pretty graphic and I had to turn it off. I didn't know the guests very well, it was awkward."

Zombies on the way to their day job at the Salon

But then she started to make sense and our differences disappeared.

Un-awkward Moments in the Conversation

"Your hair is awesome."

Not my actual "Awesome" hair, but very similar

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