Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Love Popchips

Since I have free time on my hands I have decided to take up a hobby. My new hobby is writing complaint and/or compliment letters. Having been the recipient of many complaint and not as many compliment letters in my 20 plus years in the restaurant business, I felt this would be a fun activity for everyone involved. My first two complaint letters went to my local Jersey Mike's for their poor tasting ice tea and to Purina because Goose refused to eat the newly purchased bag of dog food. I haven't heard back from Jersey Mike's yet but Purina did send me vouchers to reimburse me for the dog food and a kit to send back a cup of the dog food in question so they could analyse it, which I thought was very nice. With two complaints letters under my belt I felt my next one should the less common compliment letter and who better to receive a compliment than popchips.

Oh, barbeque treat me right

As much as I detest Ed Hardy shirts, it is with equal if not more intense emotion that I love popchips. I love them so much in fact that my previous place of employment had to discontinue purchasing them for fear that I would devour them with such unabashed abandonment (without ever actually paying for them) therefore causing them to spiral into a financial hole that they would not be able to dig themselves out of. Popchips deserved my highest compliment and below is our correspondence.

Close call!

This is the actual email I sent to popchips:

"I'm not sure whether it is Santa's Elves or Angels that make popchips, but I am certain they are made under a rainbow on a beach with puppies and kittens playing in the background by these "Angelves" who are wearing big cozy sweaters while drinking a big cup of hot cocoa.
Pop Chips have officially been added to my list of favorite things, right behind puppies but ahead of rainbows.

Ginger Scone"

I couldn't find a picture of an "Angelve"

As if I didn't already love popchips enough, this is their response word for word:

"precious ginger scone. we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you this but it’s not “angelves” who make our chips. they’re made by leprechauns and greek goddess’ wearing dresses made of popchips bags under the shade of the giving tree in a grassy meadow with petite lap giraffes and wombats frolicking nearby sipping pale pink lemonade. you were close, though.
anywho, thank you for adding us to your list of favorite things. send us your address (no p.o. boxes) and tell us where you like to buy your popchips and expect a cozy sparkling rainbow surprise in the mail.

Where popchips are made

Well played, popchips.....well played.


  1. what is a petite lap giraffe and where do i get one?

  2. Bob, you don't like dogs but a lap giraffe is, my friend, are a mystery.

  3. i'm glad to hear others were stealing the pop chips. just kidding rich...