Friday, April 15, 2011

Beast It Up!

Brock + Texting = True Love

More than anything, Brock likes to text. He likes to text in the middle of a conversation, he likes to text at dinner, and it is not uncommon for me to receive texts from him while he is in the middle of a game or in class. But recently he has become very agitated while texting due to the word "tomorrow". For the past week he has been spelling "tomorrow" wrong and this infuriates him. I was not aware of this until we had the following conversation.

Brock: (frustrated) %$^*, I did it AGAIN!
Me: Did what?
Brock: I spelled tomorrow wrong.
Me: How did you spell it?
Brock: I keep forgetting the second r.
Me: Big deal.
Brock: (irritated) You don't understand, tomorrow is one of the 5 most common words I text.
Me: Really?
Brock: Yes
Me: (curious) What are the other 4?
Brock: Well let me see.... there's is Sweet..and Dude, Beast (a nickname of one of his players which has turned into a verb), oh yeah and Chillax (a word he knows I hate).
Me: I don't remember ever getting a text from you with any of those words.
Brock: Well, I don't text those to you. Let me show you. (pulls up a text he has sent)
(Text Reads)
Chillax, Dude! Tomorrow's game will be sweet!! Be ready to BEAST IT UP!!!
( did I mention he also really likes to use exclamtion points)
Me: (stunned) Who are you??
Brock: I'm one sweet dude...(goes back to texting)

Beast It Up!


  1. I laugh out loud at your stories Julie!
    You are hilarious!

  2. Thank you, Eric! Actually I just follow Brock around with paper and pencil and wait for him speak:)