Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Pack is Back!

As my week of wearing a fanny pack comes to end, it is met with mixed emotions. Is the  fanny pack lifestyle for you? I will give you a very honest recount of what I endured this week, the good and the bad and I will let you decide.

The fanny pack

Hands Free
The fanny pack enables you to have both hands free at all times. This came in handy especially when a disapproving bystander looked at me, then my fanny pack, then back at me. With both hands free I was able to send said bystander a very clear message with a double bird (or 2 number 1 signs) which was made possible thanks to the fanny pack.
On another note, the people in Neiman Marcus are quite judgemental.

Mistaken Identity
As a fanny packer there is a good possibility you will be mistaken for a Midwesterner. If your lucky, you will be mistaken for an Iowan. An Iowan has all the qualities you could dream to have: honesty, good looks, athletic build, quick wit, and above average intelligence but they are usually recognizable by the fanny pack around their waist.

Look Skinny
A large fanny pack around a smaller waist will make you look even skinnier. Be careful, however, as a small fanny pack around a larger waist will make you look larger. I believe it was Oprah that said over 75% of all women were wearing wrong the size fanny pack....wait, that might have been bras. Regardless, I'm sure the kind ladies at Victoria Secret would be happy to fit you with a fanny pack that compliments your body type.

After a week of research, there is really only one
Ok, I agree, this a big one. I'm sure many of you would rather walk around with a Louis Vuitton or the Birkin Bag, and  truth be told the fanny pack has not yet reached that level of desire with the public. There is still the stigma attached to being a fanny packer and it is not yet hip or trendy to be seen with a fanny pack. Hopefully, this will change in time.

Argument sounds convincing, but where would  I start?
There is only 1 thing to do: Get a fanny pack!
Fellow blogger, University of Iowa graduate and good friend, Ciana Simpson at Keywordshop (a much classier and more informative blog than mine) has agreed, after much begging (me) and sobbing (her) to write a piece titled
"once upon a fanny pack" to help you get started. Thank you, Ciana!

Will any of my celebrity friends be wearing the fanny pack?

Madonna, Rhianna, Brook Shields

A trend setter!

Not yet convince? A few other facts to help you decide....

Socially Acceptable Places to Wear Fanny Packs
Costcos, State Fairs, Dog Parks, Gates at Airports going to Iowa or arriving from Iowa, Tour Buses, Disneyland, My House, Western Bagel, DMV, Home Improvement Stores

Hulk Hogan's shirt says "The Brave" true

Socially Unacceptable Places to Wear Fanny Packs
Neiman Marcus, Lacrosse Games at Private Schools, Fancy Restaurants and/or Hotels, Business Meetings (exception: Business Meetings regarding importing/exporting fanny packs)

The arguments are compelling......who is with me?


  1. *gulp* dare I admit....I recently BOUGHT one, thinking it a sensible solution to walking my dog this summer in shorts w/out pockets!

  2. I totally bought one two years ago for Great America where purses aren't allowed on rides but fanny packs are!

    I have used on occasion since then and am never disappointed.

    My sister-in-law utilizes them while hiking as well.

    Pro-Fanny here!

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