Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday on our way to Costco's, as we were stopped at a light, two cars collided which resulted in one of the vehicles slamming into our 4 Runner. Everyone was fine, except for our Toyota and Brock's sunglasses (which had more to do with his temper, a la the locker room wall, than the accident). Below are my favorite parts of the this whole debacle.

Stop! Play accident inspired music!

The Cause of the Accident
Brock: Do you know what caused the accident?
Me: I'm assuming that lady's failure to yield on a left hand turn.
Brock: Maybe.....but look at her feet...(head motion to the lady that hit us)
Me: Oh, oh...ok.....(looking at the Ugg boots on her feet)
Brock: (known for his hatred of Ugg boots and in a very angry tone) Those Ugg boots! They ruin everything! I hate them!
Me: Yeah, I know you do...

It was the black ones...Brock could pick them out of any line-up

The Officer
After explaining that LAPD doesn't ticket a driver if no one is injured, the officer's  phone rang with a slightly familiar ring tone.
Me: (puzzled, looking at Brock and mouthing) Hawaii 5-0?
Brock: (whispering back) No, Chips
Brock: (Quiet and listening, whispers once it is done ringing) Awesome.....

Not to be used for writing traffic tickets

The Rental Car
My insurance covers a rental car in the event of an accident. When asked what kind of car we wanted, we let them know that we had an SUV and would like something comparable......we are now driving a 12 passenger Suburban for the next 10-12 days.

And as soon as one of us gets our CDL, we can drive this beast
"Thank you, Ugg Boots" -Brock


  1. I drove the family suburban and it was a tank, but other vehicles yielded to its imposing form. My mom used it to bully other vehicles on the road! I am with Brock on the whole Ugg boot thing.

  2. Mrs. S-I agree! We have gone 8 miles and are down a 1/4 tank of gas....the insanity!

  3. I guess it must be a fashion statement to wear the ugg boots given the temp in cali.... someone should have called out the officer on his ringtone, what jimmy buffett was not available...

  4. Everton, it was an awkward moment for all when the officers phone rang....and as for the Uggs, the pain they cause everyday is staggering....