Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Competitive" Sports

Yesterday the LA Times ran an article about the popularity of the sport quidditch on college campuses, a game made popular by the Harry Potter series. According to the Times, "quidditch looks like a haphazard merger of basketball, dodge ball and rugby with the chase between the sneeker and the snitch, adding a measure of hide and seek. It consists of two balls-the quaffle for scoring and the bludger for throwing at opponents like dodge ball. The snitch is a nuetral player that is one part sprinter and one part showman".

I have no comment

Ok, first of all.... "two balls"?....I doubt there are any balls in this game and second, did I mention that the  players ride around on brooms. Never the less, it seems to have following. UCLA and USC have a Quidditch Team. There is an International Quidditch Assn. And although the Times described some team members to be "bookish Harry Potter fans, slightly sluggish as they ran around the field, with a few wearing cloaks and capes" they also mentioned that there were players who "carried themselves like trained athletes, lithe and quick-footed". (Seriously, you have to read the article it is so unintentionally funny) With all that being said, here are 4 games that with the right funding and marketing, that could transition into a college sport, just like quidditch.

Competitive Jacks
Pro: With the ability to be played indoor or outdoor, this popular game can be played year round.
Con: Low participation. Not a lot of 5 year old girls enrolled in college.

5'sys for the win!

Paper Dolls
Pro: A predominately female sport, this would provide increased athletic opportunities for women under Title IX.
Con: The uniforms, most likely made of paper with little flaps to secure them over a players shoulders, will have a hard time standing up in competition and therefore, could be quite costly.


Competitive Breathe Holding Until You Get What You Want
Pro: Winner gets what they want.
Con: Death

I'm Not Touching You
Pro: Designed for players that excel in individual sports, this sport has it all: eye hand coordination, dexterity, and strategy.
Con: High burn out rate.

Let the games begin!

Quote of the day
"If you can convey the awesomeness of quidditch, they can buy into it."
-Spencer Gold, USC team captain, speaking of potential players

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