Monday, April 18, 2011

Naked Men

Tareq Salahi: star of Real Housewives of DC, White House Party sneaker inner, husband of Michaele Salahi (un-addicted star of Celebrity Rehab) and Playgirl contender.

Well played, Playgirl, Well played!

 According to TMZ, Salahi is in negotiations to do a spread in Playboy. TMZ even has his sample shots (not to be viewed on a full stomach). Although he is adamant about not doing full frontal, to which the entire world let out a collective sigh of relief, rumor has it  he will be photographed riding off into the sunset on a horse. Peta, did you hear that?

Sexy! (on the right)

I'm not opposed to this because of his appearance. I'm sure there are many people who find him attractive, and in all the pictures I have seen of him he is very well groomed and well dressed (except the one where he is not wearing pants). I am opposed to this because I have a very strict policy against viewing douche bags  naked. This policy also applies to Charlie Sheen, warlock.

So who would I rather see naked in Playgirl?

1. Anyone else in the world. (Exception: Charlie Sheen)
2. Anyone I may have inadvertently omitted in #1 (Exception: Charlie Sheen)


  1. How bout this guy?

  2. will you please write every day? This is sort of my favorite blog.

  3. 4u - watch it the whole way thru

  4. Kate-Thanks! I just follow Brock around and capture the moments!

    Rob-Seriously, tears of laughter!