Friday, April 8, 2011

The Scone Report: Easter, Nerds, and Twitter

A few items that caught my attention this week.

Easter Bunny Cars
Ok America, I was fine with the reindeer cars. I even went so far as to laugh while I gestured to the "antlers" sticking out of the car windows as I pulled up along side you. I even signalled my approval with a hearty "thumbs up" and a big gap toothed smile. But Easter Bunny cars? That I cannot support.

If you look real close their is a pink fuzzy nose attached to the grill

Really, Chicago?
Charlie Sheen began his one man show this week. It debuted in Detroit where Sheen was booed off stage while half the audience walked out. Thinking this would be the end of this train wreck as his next stop was Chicago (a city that I love) and surely he would be met with............a standing ovation?? I'm not sure what stuns me more: That he was given a standing ovation in Chicago or that Detroit is now the barometer that measures what is acceptable in our world.

After taking Goose on a morning walk, I noticed this little tiny flower than had landed in my hair.


Wondering if Goose had one in his hair/fur I went to check.....

Not sure how I could have missed that.

Ugg Boots
It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Ugg Boots. With that being said, it came as no surprise that in New Hampshire a police sergeant was fired for using funds from the departments uniform account to purchase Ugg boots for his wife. No word yet on whether the firing was due to misappropriation of department funds or due to the poor the choice in footwear.

Conversation we had lunch:
Me: I'm on Twitter now.......
Brock: Why?
Me: So I can get all the news quicker, see......(handing him the phone and showing him the all the tweets)
Brock: Who are these from?
Me: Well, for news I follow Huffingston Post, The Washington Post, CNN Breaking News.....
Brock: Oh....(uninterested goes back to texting on his phone)
Me: (phone beeps that I have a text from Brock)
Text Read:
"This is a special Livingston news feed.....Nerd Alert! You!"
Me: Real nice...
Brock: (giggles)


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  1. This week, Newsweek listed the top 10 funniest cities in the US. I remember seeing Detroit on, yeah. I trust their judgment.