Friday, March 4, 2011

The Scone Report

These are stories from the week, both personal and public, that confused, scared, delighted,saddened or angered me in some way. This may or may not be a recurring post, it just depends on how ridiculous the week has been.

Charlie Sheen Blood
I was really annoyed this week by that tiger that went around courting the tabloids and morning shows and appeared on my TV screen every half hour rambling about various things and then claimed to have Charlie Sheen blood. What an ass..hmmmm....I might have the facts turned around on this story.

The Bees!
We had a bee-hive in the roof of our house. So this week, the Bee Catcher came out and took away 50 pounds of honey comb. Because bees are "endangered", the Bee Catcher does not kill them...he relocates them. When I asked how he relocated them, he explained (with about 175 bees circling his head) that they just flew away when he removed the honey comb. It was either the stupidest thing I ever heard or the most brilliant business strategy. In other news...that very day I ran out of toast.

Are the group of people that are shocked that McDonald's oatmeal isn't really that healthy going to be the same group of people that are appalled at the quality of detailing and stitching on the bridal gowns they can now purchase at Costco?

My Can of Corn
You may or may not know that I love organizing.  As I make my way room to room, drawer to drawer, and cupboard to cupboard, I am finding little forgotten about surprises. This week I tackled the kitchen and in it I found my little can of corn. This little guy has been with me for years. He makes every move with me (I've counted 6), he is there for the good times and for the bad times. This week was a sad week as he was a little swollen most likely from age (estimated to be between 10-14 years) or change in temperature (he was purchased in VA and made his way cross country to CA). It was the end of the road for my little Del Monte friend...we had one last laugh (at the Bee Catcher) and one last cry (again, at the Bee Catcher) and then we said, "Good-Bye".  I miss him.

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