Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Scone Report #2

The Scone Report details events in the news or in my life over the past week that have annoyed, confused, frightened, amused or angered me in some way.

Evidently Charlie Sheen is suing Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre for $100,000,000 for wrongful other news, I purchased the "Hot Dog" combo (Hot Dog and Soft Drink) at Costco's for $1.65 (including tax)....and paid in nickels, which proves you don't need $100,000,000 to be crazy.

Goose Gets a Bath
8:30:00am  I get Goose in the bath tub
8:30:32am  I get Goose back in the bath tub
8:30:55am  For the third time, I pick Goose back up to put in him in the he claws at the shower   curtain and side of the tub I am thankful he doesn't have thumbs but wish he had 10 less pounds on his frame.
8:31:13am  Lather.....
8:38:00am  Looking down at both of us I discover that I am wetter than he is.
8:38:23am  Rinse, Repeat
8:43:00am  Goose exits bathtub with all the grace of a ballerina
8:44:12am  Goose goes outside to sunbath and dry off
8:44:23am  Goose lays in the dirt and rolls around
8:45:00am  Someone (I'm not saying who) uses foul language loud enough that the neighbor comes out to see if everything is OK.

Taken at 8:44:23am

Kicked Out!
Reality Star Participant Michaele Salahi was kicked off of Celebrity Rehab for not having an addiction. It seemed bizarre to me that she actually got on the show not having the only requirement to be on the show. Then I remembered a long time ago when I worked at a place that was hiring Valet Parking Attendants . The 2 gentleman that got the job after a 1st and 2nd  interview and reference checks, like Michaele Salahi,  didn't have the only thing required to be valet parkers.......a driver's license. It seems to me that an interview for a valet parker  would only have 1 question and would go something like this:

Interviewer: "Do you have a drivers license?"
Applicant: "Yes"
Interviewer: "Welcome aboard"
Interviewer: "Do you have a drivers license?"
Applicant: "No"
Interviewer: "You realize this job is 90% driving"
Applicant: "Yes, I'm aware of that"
Interviewer: "We won't be offering you the position" or in the case I'm referring to "Welcome aboard"

Needless to say after several trips to the DMV and a month later they were able to park cars as opposed to pointing to the reserved valet spaces and asking people if they would mind parking it themselves.

No Stealing
I was in Venice Beach yesterday and this sign was posted on one vendors jewelry collection. Could it be this easy? Are we  over thinking things? For the record, I didn't steal anything.

Ok, if you say so

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