Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cart Cowboy

Over the past few weeks a herd (4 to be exact) of shopping carts have appeared around my house. Although I don't know how they got here, I do know how they leave.......the Cart Cowboy. I'm not sure if Cart Cowboys are just in these parts (Cowboy talk) or if they are in other parts of Los Angeles. The Cart Cowboy is part urban legend, part reality and 100% local hero for he drives around town, picks up the wayward carts and returns them to their respective stores (no, I'm not joking).  I have seen Cart Cowboys and I have tried for the past 2 months to get a picture of one, the closest I came was 2 days ago when he was pulling out of the 7-11 but I was too slow with the camera phone and he too quick with the 3 point turn. To the untrained eye a Cart Cowboy is indistinguishable from a real cowboy. In an effort to find the Cart Cowboy I have listed the difference between them and a real cowboy in the hopes that he is spotted and directed to my house.

Landscaper who is dressed similar to a Cart Cowboy

Real Cowboy: Cowboy Hat, Denim Shirt, Chaps, Cowboy Boots
Cart Cowboy: Cowboy Hat/Straw Hat (think landscaper), Long Sleeve White Shirt, Jeans, Work Boots

Real Cowboy: Cattle, Sheep, Outlaws
Cart Cowboy: Shopping Carts

Weapon/s of Choice
Real Cowboy: Lasso
Cart Cowboy: Heavy duty work gloves, speed and a low center of gravity for explosive power in overtaking the shopping carts

Real Cowboy: Bi-Weekly Paycheck commensurate with experience & performance, Bounty Money
Cart Cowboy: $10-$15 per Cart

Mode of Transportation
Real Cowboy: Horse
Cart Cowboy: 10-15 year old Pick-Up Truck

Cart Cowboy Mode of Transportation

Sex Appeal (Scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest)
Real Cowboy: If you like rugged good looks, a thick mustache and the smell of hard work then a 10.
Cart Cowboy: If you like a go-getter attitude (those carts don't come to you), a Gatorade mustache and the smell of sunscreen then a 10.

Dead Give Away
Real Cowboy: If the hat, horse and boots don't give it away, check for a very large belt buckle.
Cart Cowboy: "Cart Cowboy" will be stenciled on the side of his pick up truck.

Please help me find him.......if not for me then for these 4 shopping carts.

Actual photo of the 4 carts outside my house