Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enthusiastic Dance Moves

For those of you who know me,  know that I don't see a lot of movies and "Take Me Home Tonight" was no exception. I came closer to seeing this movie that most. This however, will not stop me from reviewing the movie.

"Take Me Home Tonight" has two things that every movie should have.

1. An 80's storyline
2. An 80's theme song that reminds me of the 80's: Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money

Based on these two facts I would recommend this movie. Sure, I could blabber on and on about the acting and the screen play but what I think you really want to see is Brock dancing to the theme song. His enthusiasm, confidence and questionable dance moves to the theme song are recommendation enough.

For those of you who know Brock, these moves are familiar to you. They have cleared the dance floor at your wedding while bringing unwanted attention to his dance partner (you can almost see the embarrassment on Goose face). For those of you who have never seen Brock dance, sit back and enjoy.

(It's not as clear as I'd like but he does want the ability to dispute that it is actually him)

Dance, don't walk, to a theatre near you!

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