Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Scone Report #3: Celebrity Sightings and Skinny Days

The Scone Report tackles issues in the news or in my life that evoke any sort of strong emotion. This week with the all the bad in the world: the ending of the "Bachelor", the beginning of "Dancing with the Stars", high gas prices, a higher Charlie Sheen.... just to name a few, I have decided to focus on only things that amused me.

Skinny Days:
This week I had 2 straight skinny days. You know, those days where your stomach is flatter than normal and your clothes fit a little looser. To celebrate my skinny days I had a French Toast Muffin (Thank you, Costco) and skipped the gym. My streak ended at 2 days.

Oh french toast muffin, you delicious temptress

Iowans are Good Looking:
Former Iowa State football player and Fort Dodge, Iowa native, Kurtis Taylor, is the new face of the Ken doll after competing and winning in several "Bachelor Style" challenges. For those of you who don't know an Iowan up close and personal this may come as a shock to you. For those of you who do know me then you know that Iowans are good looking, bright and thin for at least 2 days in a row.

Kurtis Taylor, just another good looking Iowan

Offensive Word Verification:
Please, please, please tell me this is the new thing in word verifications, each time you have to use this security measure a mildly offensive word comes up. Well played, Map Quest, well played......

Got "pooping" right in one try

Celebrity Sightings:
My sister can spot any celebrity anywhere (another talent that Iowans possess) and this is who she spotted in a 3 day span on her visit to Los Angeles:
Jenna Elfman, "Dharma and Greg"-at The Grove
Dave Navarro, "Jane's Addiction"-at the Starbucks on Robertson and Beverly (wearing eyeliner)
Dax Shepard, "Punkd", "Parenthood"-at the Starbucks on Robertson and Beverly (wearing a hoodie)
Debbie Allen, "Fame"-on Venice Beach
Lous van Amstel-"Dancing with the Stars"-at Burbank Airport

Dax Shepard....not an Iowan

Not to be out done, Brock had a sighting:
Dave Grohl-"Nirvana", "Foo Fighters"-at 7-11 in a Honda mini van

Brock Found a Friend/s:
Me: (phone rings) Hello
Brock: (no salutation) I find I have a real connection with the grocery store workers. I think I really like them.
Me: I thought you didn't like anyone?
Brock: That's true....... except for the grocery store workers........and Goose.....and Dave Grohl.......oh, and you.

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