Monday, March 21, 2011

The Man Cold

Brock has been sick for 3 weeks and after ruling out the Man Cold (see video above) it was time to visit Urgent Care. I liked it there because there was no one else waiting and they had tons a magazines. As I was enjoying my Glamour Magazine the nurse summoned me to come in and speak to the doctor. It went like this:

Doctor (short, bald, belly like a bowl full of jelly): Are you Mr. Brock's wife?
Me: Yes (wasn't in the mood to explain the relationship however, ironically, the article I was reading in Glamour was "Defining your Relationship")
Doctor: He is VEDY, VEDY, VEDY sick! (speaking vedy loudly and somewhat accusatory in a vedy thick middle eastern accent)
Me: Yes, I know
Doctor: Do you know the Chicken Breast?
Me: Yes, yes, I know the Chicken Breast.
Doctor: Do you know the Cilantro?
Me: Yes! Yes! I know the Cilantro!
Doctor: You must...You must make Mr. Brock soup! He MUST drink that soup! He Must!
Me: Ok, I will make him soup which he must drink!
Doctor: (handing me a prescription with four medicines on it for his bronchitis and speaking very softly now) Miss Julie, go, go quickly to the pharmacy and get these medicines BUT if Mr. Brock drinks the soup you make him he will not need the medicines.
Me: (hesitant and slightly confused) OK, soup is better than all the antibiotics.....for bronchitis?
Doctor: Yes, (and then quietly and quickly adds) he also should not drink juice, soda, water, or coffee, just hot tea.
Me: (quickly panning the  room for medical diploma) Ok, no water?  Just hot tea and soup that I make? Got it!

Needless to say I did make the soup, we purchased 1 of the 4 medicines that he prescribed, although not 100% Brock feels much better and I have a follow up appointment with the doctor to explain how I could have let this happen to Mr. Brock.

Not the actual soup I made

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  1. i read the doctor part with a mr. miyagi voice. it's funny that way.

    hope brock's feelin better