Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who Are You Wearing?

 My Oscar Picks are in for Best and Worst Dressed
(all 4 of them)

What gives me the right to judge other's peoples looks? Well, for starters I have this blog and I can upload photos and secondly, I have a fantastic grasp on high fashion as I will demonstrate in the "Love it or Hate It" section at the bottom.

Worst Dressed 
Jennifer Lawrence:
Bay Watch called , they would like the top half of their swim suit back.

Guiliana Rancic:
Too Skinny, Too Orange, Too Bouffant-y 

Best Dresssed

Cate Blanchett:
This dress makes absolutely no sense to me but yet, I'm mesmerized. 

Florence Welch:
Red Hair, Pale's a can't miss! 

 And finally........
Love it or Hate it: My look for the day

Who was I wearing today, you ask? I was sporting a new look I refer to as "Garden Chic". It is down-scale casual with touch of upscale elegance.

Shoes: Wal-Mart Rubber Boots
Shorts: Nike
Outer Wear: Rain Jacket used by Bicyclist (lettering on the back says, "Ride Dry")
Hair: High pony tail tied into a "messy" bun
Make-Up: Sunscreen and last nights
Accessory: Garden Hose
Scent: Combination of Grass Seed and Mulch
Attitude: Inexplicable confidence

(Thank God Awards season is over...the pressure to look good has taken quiete a toll on me)

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