Friday, February 25, 2011

Gappy to meet ya!

Today I had my brows done. When I meet the esthetician we exchanged greetings, she complimented me on my red hair and appropriately asked me if it was natural. When I answered yes, in fact it is my natural color, I must have smiled really big because she immediately screeched in delight, "I loooove the gap in your teeth! That is soo trendy!".

My first thought was maybe this is the new thing, you point out something different about a person, probably something they are self conscience about, by treating it as a compliment. I haven't been working for a few a months maybe this is what society is like now:  "Hey I bet that extra toe really comes in handy, lucky you!" or "That receding hairline really let's us see more of your handsome face...How exciting for you and us!". No, that couldn't be it, society isn't that mean.

Then I thought, what if she is right and a gap is trendy! With my confidence quietly building, I started to imagine a world where a gapped smile got you reservations at the finest restaurants, granted you entry into the most exclusive clubs and got you out of traffic tickets. David Letterman and Madonna would be royalty. The Washington Capitols would be renamed the Washington Gapitols. Beverly Hills would be inundated with gap implant procedures and dental schools would be pressed to graduate dentists fast enough to keep up with the demands. High end designers would scramble to to design entire lines of clothing just to accentuate the gap, think prints with lots of arrows pointing towards the face. Dental floss would be made thicker and wider just to accommodate our special needs.  A new angled hairstyle similiar to the "Rachel"  would be invented to highlight the gap in someones smile.....and then it occurred to me.....

She works on tips.


  1. I think one of the first things I said to you was that I like the gap in your teeth. But I didn't need a tip from you. - I'm loving the blog :)

  2. She may work for tips, but she knows her fashion. Even the Wall Street Journal wrote about this last fall:

  3. Troy...always a charmer!

    Kate...where was I when this trend took off...most likely bussing tables or apologizing to a customer.