Tuesday, February 8, 2011


With all the weather that has been pounding the Midwest, I'm glad I moved to the West Coast....that is until I heard our weather report. 10 days (maybe up to 12!) of nothing but sun and warmer than usual temps! What happened next is nothing short of mayhem. It was Sunageddon 2011! Upon hearing the news of this warmer than normal weather, I immediately ran to put my flip flop on, raced outside and jumped in my car. The roads were madness, people cutting each other off  while racing to get to the grocery store. As I got to the grocery store,  I ran directly to the toiletry section, there it was, the last bottle of sunscreen on the shelf,  mocking me and my freckles.....SPF 4! Daggers! I ran to the sunglasses rack...nothing! I ran to the floppy hat section (I know, that's a stretch) ......all sold out! Now the reality had sunk in...without my sun screen I would be holed up in my house until the heat wave was over (or at least until dusk). I must get the essentials! Water....gone! Then I remembered I had a faucet at home, whew! Toilet paper.....only the 1 ply..oh yeah, I just bought that 62 pack at Costco's...saved again! With the sun about to hit high exposure I decided I better get back home before that parking spot with the shade is gone. It was a race to get to it before Brock....rats! So I decided to park in the garage. As I was safely inside, I looked out my front door in horror! With the rain earlier in the month and now the sun my landscaping was growing too fast...my sidewalk and front door would be covered and I would be stuck inside until the gardener came which was as least 3 hours way! Would I survive!? Would I have to use the back door?? Ohhh, the humanity!

(I went ahead and included the popular "view out my front door after extreme weather hits" picture.....as you can see, I survived...however, not all my plants did)

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