Monday, January 30, 2012

Sag Fashion

Last night was the Sag Awards. Herewith, are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed.

Best Dressed

Ahna O'Reilly
Of course it's because she has red hair.

Zoe Saldana
If I could have any dress this would be the one. Stunning.

Julie Bowen
I love the color, the sleeves, the hair, everything.

Gretchen Mol
I like the fit, the collar, the cumber bun and her hair.

Viola Davis
Ok, obviously I have a thing for white. A little less boob and it might have been my favorite. Love her hair.

I Can't Explain Why I Like These

Rose Byrne
I'm sorry, I love the pant suit. Oh, and I'm thinking about getting bangs.

Kristen Wiig
I know the choker is all wrong, but I like the dress so much that I forgive.

Worst Dressed

Angelina Jolie
We get it, you are so busy saving the world you don't have time to eat.  

Busy Phillips
And this is why I don't like hippies.

Kaley Cuoco

Lea Michele
She literally stood like this all night to show her leg. No dress should have a slit that high, it's repulsive.

Michelle Williams
There is not one thing I like about this dress, except that it's probably not being worn today.

Emily Blunt
 Dress by Oscar de la Renta, hair by Mary Todd Lincoln.

What I Wore
2011 Watts Summer Games white T-Shirt with product endorsement on the back (so you know it's classy), hot pink Costco track jacket, my beloved TJMaxx jeans, Nike Flip Flops and a layer of potato chip crumbs down my front. Make-up was moisturizer and mascara. Hair was a high pony tail help in place by a black elastic band and fear.  

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