Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Golden Globes

Yes, the Golden Globes were Sunday night and Hollywood was looking good.....kind of. Herewith, are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed.

Disclaimer: I have not watched or read any Best/Worst Dressed List so any similiarity in my picks and Anna Wintour's picks are merely a coincidence....a very tasteful, fashion forward coincidence.

I Liked

Jessica Biel
I know this looks a little old-fashiony but I LOVED this.

Sarah Hyland

Charlize Theron
I'm sure it helps when you are 6 feet tall, blonde and tan. Gorgeous.

Jessica Alba
I think she just had baby.....

Kate Beckinsale
Beautiful....except for those plat-formy shoes.

Melissa McCarthy
I LOVED her hair and the neck-line, but what I really loved is how comfortable this looks. I bet it even has pockets.

Missi Pyle
I don't know who she is but well done, actress lady, well done.

Explain to Me Why I Like This

Tilda Swinton
I'm not sure if it is the Flock of Seagulls hair or the Dynasty shoulder pads, but I can't look away.

Guiliana Rancic
I'm guessing it's the high collar that I like, I can't imagine that its pattern on the bodice.

I No Like

Kelly Osbourne
This Dynasty look I don't care for or is it the gray hair?

Julianna Margulies
I don't get it.

Lea Michele
I think it looks slutty, like if Las Vegas was a gown.

Emily Deschanel
I despise this color and although missing one sleeve helps that, its still wierd.

Tina Fey
I prefer this dress when I'm stepping on it as I get out of the shower.

Michelle Williams
It's embarrassing to the leopards who she stole this print from.

What I Wore on Sunday Night
I went casual in my TJMaxx Jeans, pink long sleeve ruffled V-Neck under  a V-Neck camel color wool long sleeve sweater. Shoes were by Nike. Make-up by Chapstick. Accessories were simple with a Burberry watch. And hair....I was a vision in my low messy pony tail twisted into a bun.

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