Sunday, January 1, 2012

My NY's Resolutions

After much thought and deliberation, these are my New Years Resolutions. I'm so stoked for 2012!

1. Incorporate the word "stoked" into my vocabulary. Goal-use 5x per day.
2. Greet people with air kisses instead of my signature high-five/fist bump combo.
3. Swear less. Swear more....I'm not sure what the %$#* I was thinking.
4. Draw a hard line that anything outside of the laundry hamper does not get washed.
5. Organize the garage.
6. Obtain a part-time job.
7. If obtained,  DO NOT let new part-time become that life-suck/16 year career that "Not Bucca" (name has been change to protect Maggiano's) became.
8. Win a game on "Words with Friends".
9. Hug more, roll eyes less.
10. Stop lying about my weight to the treadmill machine at the gym and/or get down to lied about weight.
11. Stop judging people based on their status updates, start judging them based on their profile pictures.
12. Stop wearing sweatpants in public and/or get a pair of "goin' out" sweatpants.
13. Become more awesome. (if possible)

As you can see I will be quite busy in 2012 and much more evolved by 2013.

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