Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm Too Sexy

Sydney Spies.
The Huffington Post reported that Colorado's Durango High School Jezebel senior, Sydney Spies, had her senior picture that she submitted for the yearbook rejected as it was deemed too sexy. Miss Spies was wearing a black shawlish type top, yellow mini skirt, bleach blond hair, a come hither look, signiture pout,  and the thing that got her in trouble.....sexiness! When asked why she chose that particular picture for the year book, 18 year old Sydney explained that as a dancer and an aspiring model this was the look that best represented her, even going so far as to say it was "artistic".  

Wow.....I feel you, girlfriend. I too was accused of being too sexy in my senior picture. As an A&W waitress and an aspiring A&W manager, I thought  my senior picture (below) represented my savvy business acumen (note the loafers) along with my whimsical side (note the haphazzard side barrette).  Unfortunately, not everyone felt that way and I was forced to submit something a little more appropriate than that whorish display of eroticism pictured below. In the end, I never did find out if it was the acid washed jeans, my exposed decolletage or the sexy back-drop/farm that lead to being labeled "too sexy", but I've carried that stigma with me ever since. Despite my obsticles, I  have learned to live a very productive and rewarding life. Stay strong, my too sexy, sisters, stay strong.
Iowan/Fanny Pack Lover/Funyon Eater,
A Triple "Too Sexy" Threat

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