Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kim-pletely Annoyed

Well, its a new year and my favorite family is back....in a big way.....with their own line of OPI Nail Kolor. Its called the Kardashian Kolor (see what they did there replacing the "C" in Colors with a "K", genius!). These are the names of their Kolors.

It's All About the Glam
Kim-pletely In Love
All Kendall-ed Up
Wear Something Spar-Kylie
Seal with a Kris
Rainbow in the S-kylie
Disco Dolls
Kendall on the Katwalk
Listen to Your Momager!
Follow Me on Glitter
My Empire...My Rules
Khloe had a Little Lam-Lam
Hard-Kourt Fashionista
Kourt is Ready for a Pedi

Evidently, they weren't impressed with the Kolors I submitted.

You Suck Blue
Orange you Glad There is Only 6 of Us!
Kim-pletely Annoyed
Fa$$$$hionista Fuch$$$$$$ia (see what I did there, I used "$" instead of "S")
Full Kourt Press On Nails
Ken-dallar Bill$
SunsE!t SiE!nna
Khloe is Tex-y is Texas
Pre-Nup A-green-ment
Grainy Sex Tape
Getting Over the Hump-hries (takes 72 days to dry)
Color Me Bruce-tifal!
Sears-iously Purple

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