Friday, February 3, 2012

Ginger Genes

I have a love hate relationship with jeans. America loves them. I hate them. So imagine my delight when the Kardashians announced that their line of denim had officially arrived at Sears. I think it may have been the same week as Sears announced they were on the verge of  bankruptcy but I doubt one had anything to do with the other. Anyway, finally people who understand what America wants in their jeans. People so in touch with the everyday person that they can't help but be spot on with their clothing line. These are the three jeans that the Kardashian Kollection for Sears has in store for us.

The Kim Jean-A sexy, low cut, straight leg jean.
The Khloe Jean-A tall curvy, high rise, boot cut jean.
The Kourtney Jean-A gorgeous skinny leg jean.

Ok, I see what you are trying to do here, Kardashians, take your 3 different body types and provide a jean that compliments and celebrates the differences. I applaud that and I don't want to cause trouble but I'm not sure you are going to able to compete with my denim line, Ginger Genes (pronounced "jeans", the name works on so many levels).

The  Preg"not" Ginger Gene-Do you ever find yourself looking longingly at clothing in the Maternity section at Target. Picturing how easy and comfortable life would be with flowy tops, elastic waistbands and stretchy front panels and then being resentful that just because you aren't pregnant you will never be able to experience that kind of joy. Well, wait no longer America, Ginger Genes presents the Preg"not" Jean all the comforts of a pregnancy jean but without the baby. Not sold in the maternity section.

The Reunion Ginger Gene-For those occasions that you need to look your best and create jealousy in other women wear the Reunion Gene. For your 20 year class reunion, a work party, or a trip to a state fair, nothing says "Lookin' sexy" like this jean. Its over sized rear pockets make any butt look small, the dark denim is slimming, and the stretch fabric forgives even the slightest over-indulgence. This low rise trouser says it all, but most importantly it says, "I look better than you"'s stitched down the side of the right pant leg.

The Ginger Chaps-Want the illusion of wearing denim but without have to commit 100%? The denim chap is a perfect solution. Why should cowboys have all the comfort? Works best when worn over sweatpants.

Coming soon to a store near accepting pre-orders.

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