Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy Fashion?

Oh, Grammys, I don't get you.

What I Liked

Corrine Bailey Rae
Love this fun, fluffy dress. Love the Payless Shoes (no joke) even more!

Kelly Osbourne
This dress is great for her figure. My fav of the night.

Paris Hilton
Love white! Paris Hilton, not so much.


Taylor Swift
I usually find her fashion uninteresting, but she looks great in this.

Katy Perry
Looks like blue frosting...which I love.

What I Didn't Like and/or Scared Me

Bonnie McKee
Wow! That is all.....

 Sasha Gradiva
There have been some burglaries in my neighborhood which is where this bad ass dress should be has no place on the red carpet.

Orange you glad I'm wearing underwear?
Yes, yes we are.

Jessie J
I like this better when my baked potato wears it.

Nicki Minaj
Is it me or is that outfit on the left just a little pompous for the Grammys?

Remember a few weeks ago when I was thinking about getting bangs? Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen.

What I Wore**
In a bold move I paired navy blue yoga pants with a black hoodie (gasp). Shoes were grey Nike tennis shoes, hair was straightened, red and pulled into a chignon (low bun for you pedestrians). Make-up was natural with only moisturizer and a kool-aid mustache.

**Ginger Scone has no formal training in fashion and taste.

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