Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buffalo Wings

Three Things to Know
I always make buffalo wings on Superbowl Sunday.
Our dog, Maverick, has really bad gas....but only 100% of the time.
I'm not sensitive about my cooking.

So as the 2nd quarter approached, the wings were in the oven and we sitting on couch with Maverick in between us.

Brock: (sniffing) Hmmm....
Brock: Is that the wings I smell or does Maverick have gas?

Well, for the next 5 minutes we took that statement and had a good laugh. We exaggerated that statement and chuckled as we joked, "Is that raw sewage or the Buffalo wings?" and "Is that a dirty diaper I smell or just the wings we are about to eat?".  Brock apologized and said he didn't mean it come out like that, just that something was creating a stinging sensation in his nose. As the joke ran its course we went back to watching the game and after a few minutes of silence passed....

Brock: Seriously, I still can't tell if that's the wings or Maverick's gas.

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