Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night-Best and Worst Dressed

Oscar Night 2012
Fashion world, take note.

Best Dressed

Emma Stone
Red on the red carpet...I don't care. Nicole Kidman wore this...I don't care.
 I love this! And yes, I will always be partial to red heads....always.

Stacey Keibler
Those elves must be proud. She looks stunning.

Gywneth Paltrow
I loved this dress with the cape better than without. I loved the cuff. I wish her hair was parted down the middle and pulled back...what can I say, I am very particular.

Kristen Wiig
I loved the color, the fitted bodice and the fluffy skirt. This also reminds me that I have to swiffer my floor tonight.

Cameron Diaz
I thought this fit her perfectly and the color was fantastic on her.

Louise Roe
The more I look at this the more I love this. Kind of business-y, kind of fancy.

I Can't Explain Why I Like This

Shailene Woodley
I like the waist, the details, the color, the long sleeves....everything about it.

Worst Dressed

Angelina Jolie
OK, this was originally on my best dressed but then she kept doing this weird thing with her leg and that annoyed me, then I realized how skinny she is and that annoyed me, then I remembered she stole Jennifer Aniston's husband and that really pissed me off. Worst Dressed, infinity.

Jennifer Lopez
Dynasty called, they'd like their wardrobe back.

Natalie Portman
Too lady bug-y

Meryl Streep
There is a seafood restaurant on the PCH called Gladstones. When you are unable to finish your meal instead of to-go box, they take gold tin foil and wrap your food in it...and then shape it like a crab, whale or, and I can only assume after today, Meryl Streep's Oscar dress. Because gold tin foil is the fanciest of all tin foils.

Glen Close
Congratulations on winning the Masters.

What Makes Me A Fashion Expert/What I Wore on Oscar Night

This is the honest to God truth.......
Nike shoes, Under Armour socks, Nike work-out pants, Nike long sleeve hooded T under a gray T-shirt.
Down and under a Lacrosse Helmet.
None, except what was left from the previous day.
A radar gun.
Because I was standing behind a goal clocking how fast Brock could shoot a Lacrosse ball.
But Why
Because that is how we spend Sundays.

98mph by the way, thus the helmet.

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