Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fire Drill

Afternoon, March 3rd

We are in our home office, I'm on the computer looking at TMZ CNN and Brock is laying in the middle of the floor on his back staring at the ceiling.

Brock: What would you do if there was a fire and I was unconscious?
Me: (not looking up from the computer) Drag you out.
Brock: How?
Me: (eyeing him up and down) By your feet or pant legs and with a lot of adrenaline.
Brock: I'm going to need you to demonstrate.

Annoyed, I get up and start dragging him out of the office, first by the feet and then to get a better grip by his pant legs. The carpet in the office was tricky but I managed to get him out and I thought I was home free once we hit the hardwood but I had to navigate a step up and I started to lose interest in the fire drill and proving I could save him from a burning building......

Brock: Keep in mind in this scenario I was the one who woke you up to alert you of the fire and by doing so was overcome with smoke and became unconscious.
Me: Well, I think then at this point it would be best if I saved myself so I could get help for you....
Brock: You're kidding, right?
Me: Actually, no......(feeling guilty I continued to try to move his limp body for another 10 minutes)
Brock: (exasperated and in his outdoor voice) HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE FIREMAN LIFT?
Me: (thinking) Oh, yea....that might actually be a better choice than the pant leg pull.

Later that day, Brock decided to go and play Lacrosse and tore his ACL, so in the next 4-6 months if you see me dragging him down Venture Blvd. via the fireman lift or the pant leg pull just go about your business, keep driving, nothing to see, ignore our cries for help, we're fine.

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