Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dogs On A Plane

For those of who know us, know that Brock and I love our dogs and with the holidays coming up, its decision time on what to do with them when we travel. Most holidays they spend at the Pet Smart Hotel but this year Brock had another thought........

Brock: I wish we could fly the dogs home with us.
Me: I know, but that's pretty expensive plus they would have to be in the cargo bin.
Brock: No, I mean fly with us, next to us in the cabin.  
Me: You can't take dogs that size in the cabin. (Goose is 95lbs and Maverick is 80lbs)
Brock: Hey, what if we got them service vests and said they were our service dogs. They would have to let them on the plane then.
Me: But technically speaking, we aren't disabled.
Brock: We'll just say I'm prone to panic attacks and you....well, you have red hair.
Me: Red hair is not disability.
Brock: It kind of seems like it might be.

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