Friday, December 2, 2011

To Do List

Please don't bother me today as I have a very big To Do List.

Today's To Do List

1. Take dogs to the park.
2. Explain gravity to members of the household. Remind him that modern science has devised ways to combat gravity with such things as hooks and towel racks, however these will only work if THE TOWEL IS ON THEM.
3. Learn QuickBooks
4. Speak to members of the household about the wonderful drainage system that our beloved city, Los Angeles, has. Remind him that the only flaw in this system is that the water actually has be near or on the drain for said system to work.
5. Which reminds me, explain the difference between "near or on" to members of the household. For example, water "near or on" the drain would mean that water was in the sink, water NOT "near or on", the drain would mean that water would be on the counter thus rendering the drain useless.
6. Try on jeans that I haven't worn since last winter.
7. Depending on how #6 goes, set aside time for sobbing.
8. Review the mechanics of  the hamper with members of the household. Items in the hamper get laundered, items outside of the hamper might as well be towels, see #2.
9. Brush dogs hair.
10. Eat a piece of Lemon Cheesecake that I made yesterday.
11. Brush my hair.
12. Eat another piece of Lemon Cheesecake but this time only eat half, this means it never really happened.
13. Measure square footage of the house. Confirm it's still 1600 sq. feet then reassure member of the household that he does not need to leave a trail of items (a la Hansel and Gretel) when he comes from work as a way to find him. Generally speaking,  the splashing of water against the bathroom counter is a pretty good indicator of where he is.
14. Go to TJMaxx to try on jeans.
15. Sit sadly in the TJMaxx dressing room clinging to a size 6 pair of jeans and reminiscing about the great ride we had.
16. Eat second half a Lemon Cheesecake.
17. Watch Seinfeld.
18. Drink green tea. To be done continuously throughout day.
19. Make sure member of the household sets alarm 1 hour before he needs to be up with a 3 minute snooze alarm. Make sure he sets the alarm tone to "rabid dog barking".
 20. Go to the gym. Put treadmill at speed of  6.0 for 30 minutes with 10.0 incline, after 6 minutes decide a soak in the steam room is a better, easier way to spend an hour at the gym.

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