Friday, October 28, 2011

Forever Lazy

As the weather turns to cold and festive decorations go up, our thoughts turn to the holidays and gift giving. To give you a jump on your shopping this year, 3 readers (yes, there are 3, don't act so surprised) have turned me on to some wonderful unique gifts for those "hard to buy for" people on your shopping list.

This idea was brought to me by my friend and fellow red head, Alexandra who owns Red's Classic Barbershop, with her husband Michael. That's them pictured, not really but I do imagine them on their deck dressed just like this.

In a nut shell, Forever Lazy bills itself as the authority on staying cozy and warm. This one piece jumper/pajama keeps you warm from head to toe while you (according to their commercial) play with your dog, attend football games, jump up and click your feet together with 2 friends, sit by the fire, or read a good book. It really has everything including a tear away back side for bathroom going and an offer of 2 Forever Lazy's plus socks all for the price of $29.99. I guess when considering putting this item on your wish list, you must first decide if being cozy is more important to you than looking like a  normal functioning member of society. With that being said, I can only say that with this gift, it truly is better to give than receive.

 This was brought to me by my friend, Ugg hater, and fellow University of Iowa graduate, Ciana. Ciana writes , a fashion and beauty blog that is shockingly much classier and more informative than mine.

It appears that cozy is the theme this holiday season!

At $330, this Liv boot is described on the  as:
"Channel your inner Coco with this stage ready style. Our tall boot is dressed up with knit legwarmer, an asymmetric sheepskin fold-over and studded buckle straps. What a feeling!"

I'm not sure what "feeling" they are going for, but I would be feeling a little resentful if my boot was dressed better than me. What with its fur trimmed sweater, big chunky belt, and stage ready style. Hey, fancy boot, you suck.

My mom brought this to my attention after visiting me and seeing me struggle with poop pick-up and disposal that 2 dogs with active bowels can create.

Evidently, this wand-like apparatus contains a special capsule that when combined with poop at a high speed turns said poop into ash. Its as simple as hovering the wand over the poop, pushing a bottom that activates the poop pick-up and then pushing another button that starts the "ashing". Sadly, this is still in the concept phase. Thanks for nothing, Future. Now, if they can get this disintegrate those Liv boots this will move to the top of my list.

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