Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who's Crying Now

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, in happier times

A few days ago the story broke that Tareq Salahi, reality star douchebag from the Real Housewives of Washington DC, was fearful that his wife Michaele had been abducted
and was being held against her will. Michaele had not been seen since mid morning when Tareq had left to go into work at their winery in Virginia. She missed her hair appointment and later called to say she was going to her mother's house. Suspicious, Tareq call his mother in law to confirm the story only to find out that she was not there. This lead Tareq to the conclusion that she had been abducted and was  forced to make the reassuring phone call. Tareq was outraged that the police and FBI were not taking this PR stunt  abduction seriously. Even after police told him that Michaele had placed a phone to the them stating that she was fine but dealing with family issues. Tareq was unconvinced until Michaele came forward the following day stating that she had run off with former fling, Neal Schon of the rock band Journey, and was with him in Memphis.

Michaele and the other man, Neal Schon

Assuming this is not a PR stunt, about a 2% chance of that, I'm sure this is difficult time for Tareq. But with all due respect to Tareq's feeling in this time of darkness, this is difficult time for me. Yet, again the Salahi's are ruining everything I love. Yes, everything! Let me run down the list for you.

If you read this blog regularly, then you know I love Virginia. I loved living there, I loved working there and I loved the people I met there. How can I be expected to move back to Virginia know there is a chance of running into those two buffoons. I can't! I won't!

Every time I am on my 4th glass of wine, my mind starts to wonder. Did this wine come from the Salahi's winery? Is that why the top note has hints of desperation? Is that why the finish is so excruciatingly long and annoying, similar to the RHOWDC? Suddenly, I am unable to order a 5th glass...and the bartender agrees with me.

Playgirl Magazine
As a life long subscriber to Playgirl magazine, I was appalled at Tareq's push to pose for Playgirl. So deep was my fear that I penned a strongly worded letter to the editor of Playgirl, begging them to not allow Tareq to pose. Where would it stop? If you allow him to pose then next it will be Bobby Zarin from RHONYC, then pastey Simon McCord also from RHONYC, then smarmy Slade from RHOOC. "Playgirl, I reminded them, you are not that desperate".  And they weren't. You're welcome, America!

White House Dinner Party's
I treasure the invitations I receive to attend dinner party's at the White House. I makes me feel special and part of an exclusive group of high rollers. Once the Salahi's were able to sneak in to a dinner party, the invites didn't seem so special and I haven't been to one since.

All of these I can handle and learn to move on, but then came......

 JOURNEY?? They are ruining Journey! How dare they! How can I be expected to listen to "Faithfully" while picturing Tareq sitting at home alone filled with betrayal? How can I hear "Wheel in the Sky" at Karaoke night and not picture that Jezebel, Michaele, stealing off into the night? Don't get me started on "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin"...I feel dirty. And finally, when I hear "Who's Cryin' Now", a little piece of me dies.  

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