Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmy's-Lookin' Good!

I know many of you turn to me for my fashion insight.** Without further adieu, here are my favorite and least favorite looks from last night's Emmy Awards.


#5) Padma Lakshmi
Not a fan of the hair but she just looks so shiny and glittery...and that I'm a fan of!

 #4) Sofia Vergara
I may be biased as Sophia and I look so much alike...... the dark skin, the spicy Latin personality, the sexy accent, the curves. I have this dress and look equally as stunning.

#3) Lena Headey
I'm sorry, I like this. 
ps. Who is she? I have no idea.

#2) Christine Baranski
The camera panned from Charlie Sheen presenting to Christine Baranski in the audience,  it may have  been my eyes thanking me for not making me look at Charlie Sheen. Needless to say, when I looked at this dress again today without first viewing Charlie Sheen, I still find it very sophisticated and classy.

#1) Aubrey Plaza
Love, Love, Love


Jayma Mays
One one hand, I like birthday cake. On the other hand, it looks like birthday cake.

Not So Favorite

#5) Katie Holmes
No joke, I wore my hair exactly like that yesterday and it looked much better with a V-Neck T from the Gap and JCrew Cargo Pants. Plus, I don't like the dress.

#4) Christina Hendricks
She's a gorgeous red head, but honestly, her boobs scare me.

#3) Olivia Munn
I want to like this dress because I love the color green. But the dress is preventing me from liking it.

#2) Lea Michele
Too shoulder paddy.

#1) Gwynth Paltrow
I don't understand anything about this dress except that it makes my eyes hurt.

**Not an actual fashion expert.

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