Monday, September 26, 2011

Active Bottoms

Yesterday a TJ Maxx opened in my neighborhood. Wedged in between a Whole Foods and a Starbucks with a Yoga Works above it, I knew this was going to be one classy TJ Maxx. Always loving a bargain I decided to check it out this afternoon and oh, it did not disappoint! Here are my top 10 favorite things I saw while shopping.

1. A "Hello Kitty" bathrobe. Appeared to be only 1 in stock...still kicking myself for not purchasing it.

2. A section called "Active Bottoms"........ turns out these are work-out pants. Funny, I was picturing something completely different.

3. A lady with a parrot in a cage in her shopping cart. I'm only about 20% sure she didn't purchase it there.

4. Diamond earrings for $16.99. Whaaaaaat? You don't think those were real diamonds??

5. An 80 year old lady dressed in all leopard print, literally head to toe, going to the fitting room with 5 leopard print blouses. Stick with it, Grandma!

6. No joke, 40 people in the check out line.

7. 6 pissed off cashiers.

8. A sign for employees that said "Don't pass it by...Pick it up!" and then immediately saw 4 employees pass by an item on the floor. Turns out that TJ Maxx employees are not that receptive to customer feedback.

9. Jessica Simpson's complete line of shoes.

10. An older gentleman wearing Active Bottoms (see #2) pulled up to his boobs waiting outside for his wife while smoking a Virginia Slim.

Oh, in case you are wondering....I'll be back there tomorrow. Possibly with my resume.

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