Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Throw Backs

In week two we are already seeing throw back uniforms in college football.  This weekend Notre Dame and Michigan sported uniforms from yesteryear. I get it. These uniforms take us back in time when thing were simple, people were kinder and sports were about the game and not money. But why stop with college football? Why not have throw back uniforms in other sports?


Hey Serena Williams, feelin' sassy and argumentative in your muscle baring low cut shirt that wicks away sweat? Bet you wouldn't pull those antics if you were wearing this very demure and lady like gown to play tennis.

Not sure this wicks away sweat


Of course, they have throw back uni's during the season, but they really only go back to the 1970's. Why don't we throw this sport way back and don the uni's from the 1700's. It is all about showmanship.

May not be suitable for network TV.

But really, why does the throw back uni only take place in sports. Why can't this catch on in other professions?


I think Michelle Bachmann would be much more likable if she rid herself of the helmet hair and went with a powdered wig. Why not have the next debate be throw back?

'Sup, Monroe.

Life Guards

Aren't we all just a little sick of being saved from drowning by a muscley, bronzed guy in shorty red shorts. Wouldn't it be fun to have Old Timey day at the beach? Then, when we get drunk on bootleg moonshine and think we can swim out to the dolphins, the hunk in the picture will dive in and rescue us, Bay Watch style?

I picture this look with arm floaties.

But why just other professions, why not groups of people?

Pageant Contestants

How about a good old fashion throw back pageant? No boobs, no spray tans, no tape...... just wholesome ladies covered from head to toe in wool!

How did we get Toddlers and Tiara's from this?


Sick of those hipster babies sipping cappuccinos in their designer T-Shirts, skinny jeans, sneakers and blow dried hair? Me too! Let's have Baby throw back day, complete with the long gowns, bonnets and those white lace up shoes.....that will teach them.

Not so fussy  now, are you?

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