Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reindeer Cars

As the first stretch of our cross country trip (California to Iowa) comes to end after only 4 days, I have discovered a few things about myself and America.

*Saving money on getting the stereo in the car fixed seemed like a good idea until we were 7 miles into our trip.

*Sometimes questions aren't questions. For example, "Do you want to pull over and get gas?" actually meant "you better pull over and get gas since we are in the dessert and the next gas station is God knows where and unless you plan on pushing the truck to the next gas station I would get gas now". Another example, "Are you meaning to drive 90 mph?" actually meant "if you don't slow down you will kill us all and ruin Christmas".

*The rest stops in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma are really nice and clean. (this is true) If you want to guarantee you see all of them, travel with your dog.

*The reindeer cars species is not just indigenous to my neighborhood, but can be found in many states in the Southwest.

Thank-you America!

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  1. Julie B. Good what's up!? So I read your first three entries and you are freaking hilarious! Honestly, please keep writing. I already miss your sarcasm.

    Oh, and as for the dust pan thing, Clancy said he had a video he's going to be showing to all of us on our breaks. It's just the simultaneous wrist motion that gets me every time.