Monday, December 27, 2010

McNuggets and Jesus

While driving cross country we stopped at a McDonalds (or McCafe) in a small town in New Mexico for one of their gourmet coffee drinks. They had a sign out front with this advertisement, "50 McNuggets for $10.99-Sunday Only!". I am by no means a marketing expert, but from a consumers point of view this works on so many levels. Here's why.

*Where else can you get 1/8 oz of meat for $0.22. This screams bargain.

*They did not break the dollar mark thereby making the promotion feel very affordable.  For Example:

Example #1) 50 McNuggets for $10.99? Yes, please and can I get small diet coke with that?
Example #2) 50 McNuggets for $11.00? No thanks, I would like to pay my mortgage this month.

Feel the difference?

*By making this available only on Sundays they have subliminally  tried to associate this promotion with all things holy. "WWJD?" Well, according to the state of New Mexico and McDonalds, he would order 50 McNuggets for $10.99, they think you should too.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the McCafe for this value driven promotion. But a special thank you goes to the kind employee behind the counter, who after 3 tries, got that Mocha No Whip right!