Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fashion at the DMV

With my new found free time (unemployment) Brock, Goose and I have decided a cross country road trip would be fun. First stop, the DMV, as Brock had lost his VA driver's license and the cross country road trip seemed  a lot less "fun" when you have to drive all 3000 miles by yourself.  Since I had nothing better to do I went along to keep him company. While sitting in the DMV I noticed several fashion trends that are worth sharing.

1. Want to fancy up your sweatpants? Pair them with a blazer!
2. There are only two sizes of clothing: "Too big for your body " and "Too small for your body".
3. Shirts that cover your stomach/belly are so 2009 (see trend #2). This look goes best with my favorite accessory, " A healthy dose of self confidence".
4. Want the comfort of your sandals on a cool December morning? Put on your socks before you put on your sandals! (I love the feel of this trend as I wear this, I'm not joking)
5. The timeless accessory of "anger"...although this may have had more to do with the DMV than fashion, Brock certainly wore it well that day.

So after 3 hours at the DMV, Brock walked away with Driver's Permit in the form of a paper certificate since he had nothing to prove he actually ever had a driver's license in VA and I walked with my new look for 2011!

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