Friday, December 17, 2010

Max Power

Imagine my BFs (I know, I know, but I have to use the initials until the end of this post) excitement when I told him that he would not only be able to hear me tell stories about him to friends and family but also read it in print on my blog. Once he calmed down from the excitement I asked him if he wanted me to use his real name or a made up one. He thought a made up one would be is what he gave me to chose from.

1. Remington Hawk
2. Remington Caufield (he pulled this from the short list as it "sounded too much like a drugstore owner")
3. Jim (prounounced Gym) Density
4. Troy Magnumsom
5. Tork Steele
6. A. Brockholst Livingston Jr.
7. Cherokee Appleseed (he liked the ethnic sound this had)

I decided to go with #6 and shorten it to Brock.

Not be left out, my yellow lab Goose gave me a short list of made up names for himself for my consideration.

1. Maverick
2. Jim Density (he felt this was not species specific)
3. Garfield
4. C. Everett Poop (as he is a big advocate of health and pooping)

In the end we decided to go with his real name, Brock and Goose it is!

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