Thursday, August 25, 2011

My 4 Favorite Potato Chips

I love potato chips. Not just because they are a vegetable, but because they are also salty and crunchy and initially make me feel so wonderful. With all the flavors available, I'm sure you will agree, it is getting harder and harder to choose which four one bag I will treat myself to each week. To simplify my decision making, I have narrowed down my favorites.

Good til the 13th one!

#4 Bugles
Who can resist these light, airy, salty corn chips shaped like a bugle?
This is how it my Bugle consumption usually goes:
Bugles 1-12 are delicious.
Bugles 12-16 are OK.
**Bugles 16-24 are extremely difficult to get down due to extreme thirst and loss of peripheral vision.
**This is where the weak would put the bag away but I power through and within minutes and a gallon of water I'm back in the game.
Bugles 24-86 are just as delightful as Bugles 1-12.

Hello, Darkness, my old friend.

#3 Funyuns
Who put the fun back in onion flavored corn chips? Funyuns! Several years back  I consumed a bag of Funyuns and a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper. Potato chips had never been eaten with such gusto! Dr. Pepper had never been swilled with such abandonment. And sadly, a human had never endured such cramping. After taking a break from each other, Funyuns and I are once again back on!

Good and good for you!

#2 Salt and Vinegar Popchips
I don't keep secret my love for Popchips. I love them so much that I wrote them and they responded with the funniest note I had ever received. Why do they not hold the #1 spot? Well, not only did they respond with a funny note, they also responded with free chips...lots and lots of free chips...they just keep showing up at my door......month after month after 

No words.

#1 Dill Pickle Flavored Lays
The James Beard award should go to whoever masterminded this flavor. I first tasted these on my trip to Iowa last year and as if my mind was trying to protect me against the grief I would feel not being able to find them on the West Coast, I forgot about them. Fast forward to this year and another trip to Iowa and I once again was reunited with these chips. Our love had not only endured the seperation but had grown stronger with the passing of time. They are not easy to find as they are only available at Sam's Clubs in Los Angeles, put worth the trip. In a nutshell....Best. Chip. Ever.

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