Friday, August 5, 2011


Via Facebook I have seen that many of you have returned or are on your summer vacation. Keep those pictures of exciting and exotic locales coming. Keep posting pictures of you and your loved one in first class as you jet off to Hawaii. Don't forget to post, "I love my life!" beneath it. Keep showing views from your hotel room, your brunch buffet, snorkeling, a Parisian Street Cafe, and an ocean sunrise.
We are all living vicariously through you!

We too, just returned from our trip, from the land of sweet corn, fanny packs, inexplicable kindness, pies, open spaces, limited cell phone/Internet reception, Hawkeyes, and positive attitudes. Were we in heaven? No, Iowa. Sit back and enjoy this photographic journey of our summer vacation.

Rubes Steakhouse
Where you cook your own steak.

Check out the Texas Toast in the background!

The Purple Cherry 
This "create your own yogurt sundae shop and pay by the pound"  is a new addition to Marshalltown. These are fairly common in California but this place had a least 3x more toppings and 3x less attitude. I'm not sure if streamers and balloons are always on display but it was quite festive and very busy. The decor was trendy and modern and almost made you forget you were eating 3.4 lbs of yogurt (thank-you, Reece's Peanut Butter toppings).


The Pork Tenderloin
A breaded piece of pork the size of tractor tire? Yes, and I'll take fries with that. If you haven' must.

Hello, Sexy!

Zenos Pizza
Taco Pizza. That is all.

Very South of the Border-y!

Chocolate Cake with Butterscotch Frosting
This is not the best picture, but in the 5.4 seconds it took me get my camera phone open, this is what was left. It is that good.


Taylor's Maid-Rite
Loose meat sandwich served at a counter. Taylor's recently underwent scrutiny with their cooking procedures...something about raw meat touching cooked meat....narcs.


    Iowans will put bacon on everything and they should and so should you.

You genius's at Perkins!

Dill Pickle Potato Chips
Stop what you are doing right now and go find these chips. Best. Chip. Ever.

Brilliance in a bag!

The always refreshing soda (pronounced "pop").

First Class
Always treat yourself on vacation. Here we are riding the bus at LAX to Parking Lot C.

We are non-verbally saying, "We love our life!"

Start saving and exercising now for your next trip to Iowa!

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