Thursday, July 7, 2011

There's a Foot in My Soup

Brock and I love eating out and we love a bargain. One type of food that is easy on the pocket book, is Pho (pronounced "fa") Soup. Pho Soup consists of rice noodles, broth (beef or chicken) and thin slices of beef or chicken and then garnished with basil, bean sprouts, lime and jalapenos. We have Pho Soup shops all over the neighborhood and at $5.25 for a large and filling bowl of soup, we go often.

I'd like a side of thumb

We have been going to our favorite Pho Soup place about once every two weeks for about 3 years now. The soup is so good that we have been able to overlook a few of the minor health code violations that seem to be taking place. I have a much stronger stomach than Brock and also a higher tolerance for violations. I am OK eating something 7 days past the expiration date, I don't mind if something drops on the floor, and I don't care if something isn't cooled properly or cook at the proper temperature. I have been surprised at how Brock was able to look past some of the goings on at the Pho Soup place. He didn't seem to mind when our server came out of the un-air conditioned office carrying a bloody grocery bag full of raw meat and went directly to the kitchen. He didn't pay much attention to the food product that was sitting outside the kitchen door in the 100+ degree temperature. He laughs at the fact that when the guy is delivering our soup with his thumb submerged about 2 inches into the soup as he sets it on the table and then proceeds to licks the broth off his thumb when he walks away only to do it all over again at the next table.

The soup is that good.....or is it?

This is what happened at our 2rd to last visit:

Brock: "I need a refill'
Me: "Isn't that our server sitting outside"
Brock: (straining to see out the front door) "Where?"
Me: "See him..he's sitting on a dish rack"
Brock: "What's he doing? ......Are his shoes off?"
Me: "He appears to be rubbing his feet"
Brock: "Is he wearing socks?" (always justifying)
Me: "No, it appears he is rubbing his bare feet with his bare hands"
Brock: "Maybe his shift is over"

Server then puts on shoes gets up and comes over to the table to asks about a refill.

Brock: (no eye contact) "No, I'm fine."

Just like this, only more bunyon-y.

This gives us quite a bit to talk about the next few weeks as we debate whether or not we will return. Finally, we give it another shot assuming this was just a innocent foot rub after a long shift. The Soup is still good but this time Brock can't get past it and I just have a beverage that tasted like sock. Finally, after much consideration and a stomach ache Brock announces that he is done with the Pho. Its a sad ending to a long term relationship.

Thanks for the memories, Phoot (pronounced "foot") Soup! It was fun ride!

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